Become a GWorld Merchant

The GWorld Office welcomes new merchants to join as Campus Cash partners throughout the year.

On-Campus Departments

Offices and departments throughout GW are able to accept Campus Cash payments for goods and services offered to students and other community members.

Contact the GWorld Office at [email protected] to request a meeting and site survey. We will discuss your department's needs and determine if accepting Campus Cash is an appropriate and viable solution. We will also look at the infrastructure of your requested location to determine the feasibility of installing a GWorld device.

We will develop a quote that outlines all installation fees and contracts and recurring fees and maintenance agreements.

The merchant approval and installation process for on-campus departments typically takes three months, but can vary based on time of year and other factors.

Off-Campus Businesses

Due to Covid 19, we are temporarily not accepting new GWorld merchants.

The GWorld Office welcomes off-campus businesses, including restaurants, stores, and service providers to join the ranks of over 120 existing off-campus merchants.

Accepting GWorld Campus Cash allows your business or organization to reach new customers. Becoming a GWorld merchant opens your doors to all George Washington University students, staff, faculty, and visitors!  Anyone with a GWorld card can add funds to their card and purchase goods/services with participating merchants.

Become a part of the GWorld merchant community today!


Contact the GWorld Office at 202-994-1795 to request an introductory interview. Through the interview, GWorld will learn more about your business and will share the standard merchant requirements, fees, and restrictions.

The merchant approval process from initial interview to go live for off-campus businesses typically takes three months, but can vary based on the time of year and other factors.


Following your interview, your business will be introduced to the Vending Recruitment Committee for approval. The committee is in place to ensure that all new GWorld merchants are appropriate and in the spirit of the Campus Cash program.

Contracts and Go Live

Following approval, you will sign contracts and be provided with the equipment and training needed to start accepting GWorld Campus Cash.