Many issues can be easily fixed remotely or by making a quick visit to the GWorld Office.

Review our tips to learn:

Emergency Assistance

For immediate assistance during business hours, call us at 202-994-1795.

After business hours, call the GW Police Department at 202-994-6111.

Why is my card not working?

GWorld cards can stop working for several reasons. If you find your card is not working, please review the common card issues to better identify the problem.

Expired Cards

Is your card expired? GWorld card functions stop working based on the expiration date printed on the card. If you are still working or studying at GW after your card expires, make sure you have completed all renewal requirements and bring your expired card to the GWorld Office, and a new card will be issued.

Renew an Expired Card 

You can come to our office to renew your card on the expiration date that is listed on your card or any time after that date. Your card will not actually expire until a month after the date listed on your card.

Your new card will be issued free of charge if you turn in your expired card regardless of your role at the university. You will be charged a $25.00 replacement fee if you do not turn in your expired card.

Before you renew your card, check to make sure that you meet the necessary requirements. 

If you're an alumni, you do not have any additional requirements so can just come to our office to renew your card.


If you're a student you must be registered for at least one course or for continous enrollment in the current or upcoming semester to renew your card.

Faculty & Staff

If you're a faculty or staff member you must have a current employment status in the University Banner Database.

Visitors & Contractors

If you're a visitor or contractor, please ask your sponsor to email us to request extension of your card before you come to our office to renew your card. The length of the extension must be specified and cannot exceed two years.

MFA Employees

If you're a Medical Faculty Associates (MFA) employee, please present your MFA Human Resources GWorld Renewal Letter when you come to our office to renew your card.

UHS Employees

If you're a Universal Health Services (UHS) employee, please present your UHS Human Resources GWorld Renewal Letter when you come to our office to renew your card.

Ended Role(s) at GW

Did you recently leave the university? GWorld routinely removes access for faculty, staff, and students who are no longer active members of the university community.

Authorized Access

Do you have authorized access to the building you are trying to enter? Check with the access approver in your department or facility to make sure they requested the access be added to your card.

Request Additional Access 

Each GWorld reader location has designated access approvers who can request access.

If you need access to your department suite, academic building or any other location, the approver for the GWorld reader location can request access on your behalf. Contact an office administrator in your department or the building for assistance. 

If you can’t figure out who to contact, contact us for assistance.

Reader Location Access Approvers

If you are the access approver for a GWorld reader location, email us at [email protected] to request additional access for an individual(s):

  • Name(s) of individuals you are granting access to
  • GWid(s) of individuals you are granting access to
  • Reader locations or other access specifics
  • Timeframe needed for the requested access

For lists of more than five people please email the information in an Excel spreadsheet.

All access requests will be processed within two business days unless otherwise notified.

Dead Cards

Does tapping your card result in neither lights nor sounds from multiple readers? It is likely the chip in your card has died. GWorld cards have computer chips that can eventually fail. This can happen from both normal uses and excessive bending or putting pressure on your card. Bring your not functioning card to the GWorld Office, and a new card will be issued.

Using an Old Card

Are you using an old card that has been replaced? Whenever you replace a lost or stolen card your old card is completely deactivated. You cannot reactivate a previously replaced card. You will either need to find your active card or purchase a new card from the GWorld Office.

COVID-19 Policies

Are you up to date on your COVID-19 testing/vaccination upload? If not, your card access will be limited. Information regarding GW's requirements and how to upload your vaccination information can be found here.

System Shut Down

The GWorld system may be down due to improvements or external issues. Check the status of the GWorld system.

Why am I having trouble parking?

Registration Requirement

Are you registered for parking? You must register with Parking Services before you can start using your GWorld card for parking access.

Insufficient Funds

Do you have enough money on your card for the day? You must have $16.50 on your card when you enter and exit the garage (lower rates may apply to nights and weekends). You may add funds by making a deposit on your card.

Swipe In/Swipe Out

Did you swipe out the last time you parked? The parking system requires you to swipe or tap in and out of the garage to complete the transaction. If the gate was up or you were unable to swipe the last time you exited the garage, then the Parking Office will need to manually adjust your account before you can swipe back into the garage. Please Contact Parking Services or the GWorld Office for assistance.

Damaged Cards

Is the magnetic strip on the back of your card damaged? Bring your card to the GWorld Office, and you will be issued a new card.

Other Parking Issues

Contact Parking Services at 202-994-7199 or email [email protected] if you are having other issues.

Account Disputes

You should always monitor your GWorld Campus Cash activity through your online account.

Questionable or Fraudulent Charges

If you notice fraudulent or questionable charges on your GWorld Card, please follow these steps:

  1. Suspend your card immediately through your online account.
  2. Contact us immediately to make us aware of the questionable or fraudulent charges.
  3. Visit the GWorld Office in person to complete a dispute affidavit to formally request an investigation of the charges. 
  4. Take your completed dispute affidavit form to the GW Police Department Office in Rome Hall 101 to file a report.

The GWorld Office and GW Police Department take all reports of fraud seriously and investigate all disputes to the fullest extent possible. You will not be held financially liable for any charges found to be fraudulent or erroneous. Investigations take a minimum of 14 business days but can take longer depending on the case. You will be notified by the GWorld Office or GW Police Department of the outcome when an investigation is complete. Charges found by the investigation to be fraudulent or erroneous in any way will be refunded in full back to your GWorld Card. 

Erroneous & Duplicate Charges

Duplicates and overcharges are usually due to cashier or equipment errors. Please contact the GWorld Office if you notice any erroneous charges on your GWorld card. We will work with the vendor to correct any mischarges, and typically those corrections are processed within 5 business days. 

Examples of erroneous charges include being charged:

  • Multiple times on your GWorld card for a single purchase
  • On both your GWorld card and another payment method for a single purchase
  • More than the purchase was for (i.e. charged $17.00 for a $1.70 purchase)