Card Accounts

Accounts: Colonial Cash & Dining Dollars


GW offers Colonial Cash and Dining Dollars accounts which can be used for many services.

Colonial Cash

All GWorld cardholders (faculty, staff, students, visitors, contractors, UHS and MFA employees, alumni and friends) have a Colonial Cash account on their card. You can deposit Colonial Cash to your account at any time for convenient purchasing and discounts.

Dining Dollars

All undergraduate students who live in a residence hall use dining cash for  meal plans assigned based on the availability of a kitchen in the residence hall. participate in the university’s on-campus dining program. Dining Dollars are included as part of both the unlimited and block dining meal plans. Information on dining plans can be found at

All non-food purchases made at retail partners, including campus stores (such as the GW Bookstore), and GWorld non-food retail partners, must be made with Colonial Cash, which students may voluntarily add to their GWorld cards. For residence hall laundry and on-campus printing transactions, if Colonial Cash is not available, Dining Cash Dollars will be used to complete the purchase.


  • Dining Dollars and Colonial Cash may not be used to purchase alcohol, tobacco, or gift cards. 
  • Dining Dollars and Colonial Cash may not be redeemed for physical cash/money.
  • All GWorld deposits are final. Refunds cannot be issued for unspent Dining Dollars/Colonial Cash nor can you transfer available funds between the two accounts, to another person’s GWorld card or to a student account to pay an e-bill balance. 
  • Dining Dollars/Colonial Cash can be used year round. 
  • GWorld account balances for Dining Dollars and Colonial Cash roll over to the next academic year as long as a student continues to be enrolled. 
  • Graduating students have access to their GWorld Dining Dollars and Colonial Cash account until the printed expiration date on their GWorld card. To maintain access to unspent funds after this date, an Alumni card can be purchased from the GWorld Office for a one time $10.00 fee. 
  • GWorld funds (both Colonial Cash or Dining Dollars) do not expire unless the account remains inactive (no deposits or charges) for 36 consecutive months.

Review the cardholder usage guidelines for more information.


Depositing Colonial Cash and Dining Cash is easy and can be done at our office, online, or can be billed to your student account on a case-by-case basis. Be sure to review the deposit and refund policy guidelines before you make a deposit.

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Online Account Management

Use the GET app for access to your GWorld online account -- it's just like online banking:

Check your balance and account transaction history

  • Make a one-time deposit
  • Set up scheduled deposits
  • Suspend your lost card or reactive your card once it is found 

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