University ID

GWorld Card Accepted Sign

The GWorld Card is your official ID card for the George Washington University. All active members of the GW community are encouraged to get a GWorld card and to carry it at all times to ensure uninterrupted access to services, events, purchasing power and facilities throughout the GW campus.

University Identification

Your name and photo are printed on the card and it:

  • Identifies you as a member of the GW community

  • Identifies your primary role (student, faculty, staff, etc.)

  • Serves as your entry to events and services on campus

Dining Cash and Colonial Cash Accounts

Anyone with a GWorld card can add money to their colonial cash account. You can also:

Tap Access into Campus Facilities

Your card access is specifically tailored to your needs based on your role(s) at GW:

If you have questions or need assistance, contact one of the GWorld staff members or visit us at one of our office locations. All media inquiries should be directed to [email protected].