Colonial Cash

Colonial Cash is the primary GWorld Card spending account. Anyone with a GWorld Card can add Colonial Cash to use for convenient purchasing and discounts around campus.

Accepted Locations

Colonial Cash is accepted at all GWorld merchants including:

Colonial Cash Advantages

Using Colonial Cash allows you to make discounted purchases around campus, including at on-campus dining locations and GW parking.


Carrying Colonial Cash is safer than carrying cash or credit cards. The photo on your card is used by cashiers to ensure it is you making the purchase. You will not be held liable for any unauthorized charges made on your account.


Colonial Cash does not function like a credit card or bank card. You cannot spend more than what is on your card and you cannot withdraw cash from the card.

Restricted Purchases

Colonial Cash and Dining Cash may not be used to purchase alcohol, tobacco, or gift cards. GWorld funds can not be used to pay your Student Account (tuition bill).