Visitors & Contractors


All visitors and contractors must be sponsored by a university department and must have a GWid number. If you are a sponsor you need to:

  1. Request a GWid for the visitor or contractor through the Division of IT Support Center. You will receive an email confirmation once the GWid is created.
  2. Email the GWid, name, duration of stay and the card access the visitor or contractor will need to us at [email protected]. If you're requesting cards for more than five people, please include the information in an Excel spreadsheet.
  3. Accompany the visitor or contractor to the GWorld office to help them get their card.
  4. The visitor or contractor must present a valid U.S. government issued photo ID.

If you do not followed these steps, the GWorld Office will be unable to issue a card to the visitor or contractor.

Card Fees

Your first card is free and a $25.00 fee will be charged to replace a lost or stolen card.


Specific access will be assigned based on the request your department sponsor provides to us. Your card will give you access to the Lerner Health & Wellness Center if you purchase a membership and to parking garages if you sign up for parking access.


You can add Colonial Cash to your card for convenient purchasing and discounts around campus.