Request Additional Access


Each GWorld reader location has designated access approvers who can request access.

If you need access to your department suite, academic building or any other location, the approver for the GWorld reader location can request access on your behalf. Contact an office administrator in your department or the building for assistance.

If you can’t figure out who to contact, contact us for assistance.

Reader Location Access Approvers

If you are the access approver for a GWorld reader location, email us at [email protected] to request additional access for an individual(s):

  • Name(s) of individuals you are granting access to

  • GWid(s) of individuals you are granting access to

  • Reader locations or other access specifics

  • Timeframe needed for the requested access

For lists of more than five people please email the information in an Excel spreadsheet.

All access requests will be processed within two business days unless otherwise notified.