Parking Issues

GWorld parking access can stop working for a number of reasons. If you find your card not working please consider the common issues to better identify the problem.

Registration Requirement

Are you registered for parking? You must register with Transportation & Parking Services before you can start using your GWorld card for parking access.

Insufficient Funds

Do you have enough money on your card for the day? You must have $16.50 on your card when you enter and exit the garage (lower rates may apply to nights and weekends). 

Swipe In/Swipe Out

Did you swipe out the last time you parked? The parking system requires you to both swipe or tap in and out of the garage to complete the transaction. If the gate was up or you were unable to swipe the last time you exited the garage, then the Parking Office will need to manually adjust your account before you are able to swipe back into the garage. Please Contact Transportation & Parking Services or the GWorld Office for assistance.

Damaged Cards

Is the magnetic strip on the back of your card damaged? Bring your card to the GWorld Office and you will be issued a new card.

Other Parking Issues

Contact Transportation & Parking Services at 202-994-7275 if you are having other issues.