Parking Garages

Using your GWorld card for parking in GW parking garages allows you to pay a reduced daily (occasional) or monthly (permit) rate.  

Register for GW Parking

You must sign up with Transportation & Parking Services to use your GWorld card for parking access. All customers must present valid vehicle registration and current GWorld card when registering for parking.

Students can register, purchase and print permits on the Student Parking website. Students may also visit the GWorld Office for in person parking assistance.

Faculty, staff, and affiliates can sign up for and cancel parking privleges at the Faculty Staff Service Center. Additional information is available at the Faculty & Staff section of the Parking website.

Garage Assignment & GWorld Access

The Parking Office will assign you to specific garage(s) based on space availability and your role(s) at the university.

Your GWorld card is programmed to work at your assigned garage(s). You will swipe or tap your GWorld card when driving in and out of the garage. Depending on the garage assignment, you may also be granted access to the building to allow walk-in entry to retrieve your car.

Occasional Daily Parking

Occasional daily parking allows you to pay a reduced parking rate each day you park. This option is great if you do not park every day, but want to take advantage of reduced parking rates.

You must have at least $16.50 deposited on your GWorld card when you enter and exit the garage.  

Monthly/Semester Permit Parking

Monthly and semester permit parking allows you to park as many times as you want for a standard monthly or semesterly rate. This option is great if you park five days a week or more or if you live on campus.

You will recieve a decal to place on your car.

If you have additional questions about parking, contact Transportation and Parking Services.

Having Card Issues?

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