Common Card Issues

GWorld cards can stop working for a number of reasons. If you find your card is not working please review the common card issues to better identify the problem.

Expired Cards

Is your card expired? GWorld card functions stop working based on the expiration date printed on the card. If you are still working or studying at GW after your card expires, make sure you have completed all renewal requirements and bring your expired card to the GWorld Office and a new card will be issued.

Ended Role(s) at GW

Did you recently leave the university? GWorld routinely removes access for faculty, staff and students who are no longer active members of the university community.

Authorized Access

Do you have authorized access to the building you are trying to enter? Check with the access approver in your department or facility to make sure they requested the access be added to your card.

Dead Cards

Does tapping your card result in neither lights or sounds from multiple readers? Then unfortunately the chip in your card has died.

GWorld cards have computer chips that like all technology can eventually fail. This can happen from both normal use and from excessive bending or putting pressure on your card. Bring your not functioning card to the GWorld Office and a new card will be issued.

Using an Old Card

Are you using an old card that has been replaced? Whenever you replace a lost or stolen card your old card is completely deactivated. You cannot reactivate a previously replaced card. You will either need to find your active card or purchase a new card from the GWorld Office.