Building Access & Hours

Summer & Fall 2021 Building Access

This summer and fall, most buildings on campus will stay locked and require the GWorld Card to gain access. 

Keeing Your GWorld Card Active

Note all personnel must be confirmed covid vaccine compliant and up to date on covid testing to keep a fully active GWorld Card. Failure to comply will result in an access hold being placed on your GWorld Card, preventing your card from working to access most campus buildings. 


Publically Accessible/Unlocked Buildings

The below buildings are open to the public and do not require GWorld Card to enter. 

  • University Student Center
  • Shenkman Hall Food Court
  • District House Food Court (opening in August)
  • West Hall Pelham Dining Area, Mount Vernon Campus (opening in August)
  • Ames Hall, Mount Vernon Campus (opening in August)


GWorld General Access Buildings

The below buildings are (or will soon be) GWorld accessible to all current (and covid compliant) Faculty, Staff, and Students via their GWorld Card. Current hours are Weekdays 7:30 AM to 8:00 PM. 

Foggy Bottom Campus

  • 1957 E St 
  • Academic Center (Rome and Phillips Halls)
  • Bell Hall
  • Corcoran Hall
  • Duques Hall
  • Funger Hall
  • Graduate School of Educaiton & Human Development at 2134 G St NW
  • Media & Public Affairs Building
  • Milken School of Public Health (Starting August 16)
  • Monroe/Hall of Government
  • Science & Engineering Hall (starting August 16)
  • Timpkins Hall

Virginia Science & Technology Campus

  • Discovery Hall (starting August 16) 
  • Enterprise Hall 
  • Exploration Hall (starting August 16) 
  • Innovation Hall (starting August 16)