Accounts: Colonial Cash & Dining Cash

Swiping a card at a machine

GW offers Colonial Cash and Dining Cash accounts which can be used for many services.

Colonial Cash

All GWorld cardholders (faculty, staff, students, visitors, contractors, UHS and MFA employees, alumni and friends) have a Colonial Cash account on their card. You can deposit Colonial Cash to your account at any time for convenient purchasing and discounts.

Dining Cash

All undergraduate students who live in a residence hall use dining cash for  meal plans assigned by year in school. Information on dining plans can be found at

All non-food purchases made at retail partners, including campus stores (such as the GW Bookstore), and GWorld non-food retail partners, must be made with Colonial Cash, which students may voluntarily add to their GWorld cards. For residence hall laundry and on-campus printing transactions, if Colonial Cash is not available, Dining Cash will be used to complete the purchase.