Account Disputes


You should always monitor your GWorld Colonial Cash activity, which can be done through your online account.

Questionable or Fraudulent Charges

If you notice fraudulent or questionable charges on your GWorld Card please follow these steps:

  1. Suspend your card immediately through your online account.
  2. Contact us immediately to make us aware of the questionable or fraudulent charges.
  3. Visit the GWorld Office in person to complete a dispute affidavit to formally request an investigation of the charges. 
  4. Take your completed dispute affidavit form to the GW Police Department Office in Rome Hall 101 to file a report.

The GWorld Office and GW Police Department take all reports of fraud seriously and investigate all disputes to the fullest extent possible. You will not be held financially liable for any charges that are found (through investigation) to be fraudulent or erronious in any way. Investigations take a minimum of 14 business days but can take longer depending on the case. You will be notified by the GWorld Office or GW Police Department with the outcome when an investigation is complete. Charges found by the investigation to be fraudulent or erronious in any way will be refunded in full back to your GWorld Card. 

Eronious & Duplicate Charges

Duplicate and overcharges are usually due to cashier or equipment error. Please contact the GWorld Office if you notice any eronious charges on your GWorld card. We will work with the vendor to correct any mischarges, and typically those corrections are processed within 5 business days. 

Examples of erronious charges include being charged:

  • multilpe times on your GWorld card for a single purchase
  • on both your GWorld card and another payment method for a single purchase
  • more than the purchase was for (i.e. charged $17.00 for a $1.70 purchase)