Account Disputes

You should always monitor your GWorld Colonial Cash activity, which can be done through your online account.

Questionable or Fraudulent Charges

If your card is lost or you notice fraudulent or questionable charges follow these steps:

  1. Suspend your card immediately through your online account.
  2. Contact us immediately to make us aware of the questionable or fraudulent charges.
  3. Visit the GWorld Office in person to complete a dispute afidavit to formally request an investigation of the charges. All disputes will be investigated to the fullest extent possible and investigations can take a minimum of 14 business days. You will not be held liable for charges that are found (through investigation) to be fraudulent or eronious in any way.

Eronious Charges

Duplicate and overcharges are usually due to cashier or equipment error. Examples include being charged:

  • multilpe times on your GWorld card Colonial Cash account for a single purchase
  • on both your GWorld card Colonial Cash account and another payment method for a single purchase
  • more than the purchase was for (i.e. charged $17.00 for a $1.70 purchase)

Fraudulent Charges

Fraudulent charges occur when your card is lost and used without your permission.

After completing your GWorld dispute afidavit you will have to file a formal police report with the GW Police Department.